Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Reviewing How My Time Was Spent in SY2017-18

Each year I find it useful to look back at the data I have gathered about how my time was used for the year to think about planning ahead for the coming school year. I'll be sharing this with my admin team at our next meeting. Currently our middle school and first program are smaller than our high school, so the fact that the middle school and first program combined receive about the same time as the high school by itself actually does make sense. However, I think that my office being located in the high school makes a huge impact on the first program and middle school teachers access to me. Some one of my requests will be a more centrally located office/professional development space. I will also continue having one day of each week where I am located in the first program for the entire day.

If you would like to see how this data was gathered, you can read this blog post.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Commenting on Google Slides -- It Can Be Done!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Getting Math Equations on a Google Site

Use Equatio in Slides.
I always learn the best tech tricks from students, and I always get my best challenges from teachers. We have student portfolios on Google Sites and for the most part it is great. But the Math department came with a small problem, Sites doesn't have an equation editor. We started thinking of possible solutions to this dilemma. The first idea was to write the equations in Docs and simply screen shot them or insert the Doc, but the teachers were really happy with this solution. So I continued looking for a more elegant solution... A couple of days passed by with that problem floating around in the back of my mind, when on Twitter someone shared the Chrome extension Equatio which also doesn't support Sites yet, but it does allow you to put equations on just about anything else in Gsuite, including Slides. When I mentioned this solution, the department seemed much more happy with Slides instead of Docs. Here is how you do it. First get the Equatio extension for Chrome. Then open up Slides and have your students input their equations. Slides will treat the Equatio output like photos. Arrange them appropriately on the Slide. Once you are finished messing around with your equations, go to Sites and insert your Slide on your Site. It looks pretty good!
Insert your Slide on your Site! Easy!